“2022 JO1 1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR ‘KIZUNA'” Baggage check-in – JO1

  1. Baggage check “2022 JO1 1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR ‘KIZUNA'”JO1
  2. OG1, voyeurism during live performances Baggage checks will be carried out during future performancesmodel release
  3. JO1, the first arena tour with all 11 members has begun Shoya Kimata and Keigo Sato return home triumphantly “I’m home Aichi~!”ORICO NEWS
  4. JO1 opens its first arena tourBARKING
  5. JO1’s first arena tour opens with all 11 members, Kimata and Sato are full of local love “I’m home Aichi!” (live report)natalie music
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