7.9% of companies recommend Workation and 76.1% want to use it – Workport Japan Survey Top News

On August 29, Workport announced the results of a questionnaire survey of “Workation” awareness and experience.publicationdid. The target of the survey was 509 office workers in their 20s to 40s who used the company’s recruiting service.

Recognition of work “75.9%”

When survey respondents were asked if they knew “workation”, 51.9% replied that they “know the word and the meaning”, and “I didn’t know the meaning, but I seen and heard (the word workation)”. 24.0% answered, and 24.2% answered “I don’t know at all”.

Only 7.9% of companies recommend Workation

Next, when we asked survey respondents: “Is work allowed in the workplace (for those who have left the company, their last employer)? , 79% answered “Not allowed”, 7.9% of the respondents answered that they have, and 13.2% answered that they do not know.

More than 70% answered that they would like to do a job

Of the 469 people who responded that work was not allowed, they were asked, “If your company has a work system, would you like to use it?”

This is because it helps reduce stress while maintaining work efficiency. There were also opinions that they were attracted to the efficient use of time, such as “because I can spend more time with my extended family” and “because it makes it easier to plan family trips and returns to the House.”

More than 2.5% of people have work experience, half only once

When 40 people who answered that they had work experience were asked about their work experience, 11 people, or 27.5% of the total, answered that they had experience.

Additionally, when we asked those who had experienced the job how many times they had done it, 54.5% said once. Moreover, it is said that the highest number of jobs was “10 times”.

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