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Reviewing the story of episode 7 of the drama

Mr. Taiga Nakano and Mr. Kento Hayashi create a mysterious comedy-drama that develops a triangular relationship with a woman with a split personality.first love devil](Japanese TV). Reviewing the story of Episode 7, which aired on September 3, we will present the highlights of the future as well as the comments that are popular on SNS.

Episode 7 review

Suzunosuke (Kento Hayashi) to Hoshisuna (Mayu Matsuoka), Yuhi (Taiga Nakano) is happy for Hoshisa’s safety, but when he sees her mistrust, he assumes that she has a different personality and has mixed feelings. Meanwhile, a murder occurs. The victim, a college student, had countless stab wounds and was wearing no shoes. The modus operandi is Morizono (Akira Yasuda) was in charge of the trial five years ago, and Chaoyang (Katsuya Maiguma) was Lisa (Mitsushima Hikari) was arrested three years ago.

Morizono insists that this case is the “third case” of serial murders, and Hoshisuna is equally excited that he can prove Lisa’s innocence if he finds the real culprit here. Suzunosuke is driven by the momentum of the two, and the three decide to investigate. On the other hand, Yuuhi is ordered to be confined to his home after hitting Chief Yukimatsu (Hideaki Ito). However, Yuuhi soon receives a disciplinary dismissal notice.

As Suzunosuke and the others continue the investigation, Nanami Kiryu (Akari Akase), who was the victim’s lover, emerges as a suspect. As the police brand Nanami and her arrest becomes decisive, Suzunosuke summons Ryuka and Yuhi to conduct a home investigation meeting. Then it became possible that she was Shiro.

In the middle of the investigation, Yuuhi couldn’t bear to see Hoshisa trusting and leaning towards Suzunosuke. Suzunosuke protects the frightened Hoshisa and encourages Yuuhi to understand. Yuhi asks Koarai (Yuko Tanaka), a doctor Hoshisa is familiar with, to find a way to return Hoshisa to normal. Then Koarai gives Yuhi a letter which seems to have been written by Hoshisa.

Written on the end of the notebook is a message to Yuhi in case Hoshisa loses her memory and becomes a different person. ――I love myself for falling in love with Yuuhi, so don’t dig up the past. Don’t be too alone because you have memories of two people, not just yourself. Do not Cry. ――After reading the last message, Yuuhi tries to hold back tears, saying, “I’m going to get yelled at.” Koarai couldn’t help squeezing Yuuhi’s back and rubbing it.

It’s too painful for Yuhi to cry when he hears a letter from Hoshisa.

At the end, there’s a scene where Yukimatsu, who just met Morizono, sheds tears and calls out to someone called “Kyoko” saying, “Somehow it’s over. It’s finally over .” The suspicions about Yukimatsu only deepen.

On Twitter, “I wonder if Kyoko, whom the leader calls, is no longer real… The three victims are in the same age range…” “Personally, I think Hoshisa has a different personality . re thinking. And in the end, that’s what they’re left with. It’s exactly 6 people (6 sides). ” I wonder if it’s as planned, or if there’s some other twist .”

Also, “I understand Yuuhi’s feelings about wanting the original Hoshisa-san back, but it’s sad that another Hoshisa-san wants to come out in front of me.” Taiga Nakano’s letters and tears hurt my heart…I never thought that setting up a split personality would lead to the sadness of losing someone important.” “Taiga Nakano andYuko Tanaka“It made me cry so much”, “I didn’t know I was going to cry so much”, “Yuji’s pain and grief piled up, and the letter broke my tears”, etc.

From the next episode 8, we will enter the final chapter. Along with the triangular relationship between Yuhi and Suzunosuke, who have two personalities, the identity of Yukimatsu, who is somehow involved in the case Morizono is pursuing, and the truth of the case.
(Text: Dizi to Naho)

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