“I thought I was a genius” Seki Yutin’s frustration and tears of joy[circuit féminin domestique LPGA]| GDO Golf Digest Online

◇Domestic Women◇Golf 5 Ladies Professional Golf Tournament Last Day (4th)◇Golf 5 Country Oak Village(Chiba Prefecture) ◇6465yd (by 72)

Left 4 shots behindSeki Yutin(China) played “66” with 1 eagle, 8 birdies, 2 bogeys and 1 double bogey. Lined up at 12 under overallYouri YoshidaIn the playoffs with, he birdied the second hole and won. She burst into tears during her long-awaited first victory on the circuit.


The second day, when I played in the final group, I felt like a weakling and finished without improving my score.

In the second half, he took an eagle in the 13th minute (by 5) and took the lead, but he lost in the face of pressure and hit a bogey in the 14th minute and a double bogey in the 15th minute to pull back. However, he rallied and revived, saying, “Let’s face it.”

Seki lived in Japan until the age of four and started playing golf in China when he was seven. When she was an amateur, she was part of the national team and, at 18, she was crowned queen of the China Tour prizes. Looking back on his successful career, he said, “I thought I was a genius.”

However, in 2017, the first year of the Japanese tour, he suffered setbacks and failed to qualify in 17 out of 32 matches. not used to it. It’s not my problem.” However, on the days when I couldn’t get results easily, the idea that I could do anything with my own power crumbled.

“I started thinking too much about how to make money and what kind of life I wanted to live, so I couldn’t play easily. Even when he was frantically working on training, he was reviewing the content and efficiency, and did trial and error, like asking other players to introduce him to a coach.

I’m still 24 and I want to play. “I want a normal experience, but if I become a player on the circuit, I have to work hard. There were times when I was frustrated, but I’m happy to have worked hard and to have won the championship” , he said happily.

The only time a Chinese player won on a regular tour was the 2017 TOTO Japan Classic.Feng Xiang XiangEver since. I have a dream to challenge the USA Tour in the future, just like my senior who won 10 wins on the USA Tour, but most of all, the national major “Japan Women’s Professional Golf Championship” (Kyoto/Kyoto)Chengyang CC) aim for victory. (Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture / Misao Ishii)

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