Kazushun Kariya won the Men’s Intercollegiate Road Championship and Haruma Watanabe won the Women’s Championship – All Japan Collegiate Championships (Intercollegiate) Day 4 – cyclowired

  1. Kazushun Kariya wins the Men’s Intercollegiate Road Championship, while Haruga Watanabe wins the Women’s Championship – Day 4 of the All Japan Collegiate Championships (Intercollegiate)cyclofilaria
  2. [Breaking news]13 athletes fell during the intercollegiate cycling competition, 1 person was seriously injured Kagoshima (September 4, 2022)ANNnewsCH
  3. 13 people left behind in an intercollegiate bicycle race, 1 person unconscious Kagoshima Minami Osumi | Kagoshima NewsSouthern Japan Newspaper
  4. The lead cyclist falls, and the rear cyclist is caught one after the other… The road race continues with a total of 13 retirementsYomiuri Shimbun online
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