Mirai Asakura, Even If A Tattoo Artist Sells A Fight… Praise For The Issues Response “I’m Relieved It Hasn’t Changed”: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Mixed martial artist Mirai Asakura was brought into a fight with a tough-looking man on the street.

  • Mirai Asakura (Photo: Motoo Naka/Aflo)

    Mirai Asakura (Photo: Motoo Naka/Aflo)

  • Mirai Asakura (Photo: Motoo Naka/Aflo)

He said, “I’m sorry if I fight,” but…

The video released on August 31, 2022 on Mr. Asakura’s channel involves checking whether Mr. Asakura, who usually says, “I apologize if I fight,” is lying in a rice paddy.

Mr. Asakura’s YouTube channel staff cast Lindsay, a tough-looking fitness trainer who wears sunglasses and has a tattoo on his right arm, like a combat striker. I sent it to Mr. Asakura, who was walking down the street alone without knowing anything.

Lindsey pretended to be a coincidence saying, “That’s you? Asakura Mirai, right?” When Mr. Asakura said, “Don’t apply”, Lindsey said, “I want to do it now”, and offered a direct confrontation with Mr. Asakura.

Mr. Asakura said, “Okay. Are you going to the gym?” he complained.

“I’ll adjust the meter right away.”

Then Mr. Asakura said, “If there is a video, I can do it, but there is no merit without a video, mine. I have a lot of people I want to do (with me -even), but if I deal with everyone, there is no end.” Additionally, he was fed up with Lindsey, who strongly insisted he wanted to fight today, saying, “It’s really awkward to match you who don’t know you. Can you think of our location?”

Still, Mr. Lindsey asked, “Is it impossible to do it on the street?”, Mr. Asakura said, “If you want to do this, try it.” I will do it in self-defense,” he finally showed a willingness to accept.

Then Mr. Lindsey alluded to his relationship with anti-social forces and invited him to come to my office. When the staff appeared, Mr. Asakura said with a wry smile, “Do you want to do such a rudimentary surprise again?”

As for why I decided to follow him to the office, he said, “I was interested.” I thought I would give it a try,” he explained.

Mr Lindsay said: ‘I was really scared’ and said: ‘From what I saw I thought he was trying to sell (a fight), but he’s a sweet person.’ I think he is a very good person “. and did not forget to follow him.

In the comments section, “I’m too nice to listen to you even if you’re busy”, “I didn’t apologize, but I think it’s amazing that you could respond calmly”, “I’m glad that I got to see Mirai Asakura three years ago. I’m relieved that hasn’t changed.

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