Munetaka Murakami and Hideki Matsui passed No. 51 2-run for the first time in 2 games, tied for 8th place all-time, Japanese record 60 pace | Full Count

Chunichi starter Hiroto Takahashi looks surprised

■ Yakult Chunichi (4th, Jingu)

Yakult’s infielder Munetaka Murakami hit the 51st homer of the season in the Chunichi game at Jingu Stadium on the 4th. It was the first time in two games as he recorded 50 shots in one season as the most youngest in history the 2nd. The 51 shots in the team’s 121st game are on a 60-shot pace in the season, and the Japanese record of 60 shots set by Valentin (Yakult) in 2013 is clearly in sight.

On the first at-bat at the start of the second inning, he walked without seeing a single strike. In the 4th heat with 1 point behind, Hiroshi Takahashi, the starter of Chunichi, came out at km 151, which was high. However, in the 3rd at-bat of the 6th inning, he made a spectacular 2 runs to the left of the backscreen. Involuntarily, Hiroshi Takahashi also showed a surprised expression.

The 50th season was the 10th (15th) in Japanese professional baseball history, and the achievement at the age of 22 years and 7 months was the youngest in history, surpassing Sadaharu Oh (giant) in 1964 when he was 24 years old. Additionally, with No. 51, he surpassed Hideki Matsui’s record of 50 in a season in 2002, and tied for 8th place in history alongside Makoto Kozuru (Shochiku) in 1950, Sadaharu Oh ( Giant) in 1973 and Rose (Kintetsu) in 2003. numbered. It was the first time in 37 years since Hiromitsu Ochiai (Lotte) reached 52 in 1985 that the Japanese scored 51.

[Vidéo]Did Chunichi starter Hiroshi Takahashi laugh because it was so amazing? Clash #51 Munetaka Murakami hit on the left side of the back screen

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