‘Plastic surgery is all the rage’ Rage of popular plastic mannequins in ‘You can’t do it like buying clothes and bags’ ad: J-CAST News

On August 31, 2022, Chie Yoshikawa, the older sister of a popular twin model, objected to some clinic advertisements that read, “Plastic surgery is trendy.”

Twin models Chie Yoshikawa and Chika Yoshikawa have announced that they had plastic surgery together. Each revealed on Instagram that the total cost of plastic surgery is over 20 million yen.

  • From Chie Yoshikawa's Instagram (yoshikawachie_16)

    From Chie Yoshikawa’s Instagram (yoshikawachie_16)

  • From Chie Yoshikawa's Instagram (yoshikawachie_16)

“Downtime is painful and mentally draining”

That day, Chie tweeted, “I saw an ad that said, ‘Plastic surgery is all the rage.'” After that,

“Cosmetic surgery is in fashion…?


He continued, “You can’t do plastic surgery like buying clothes or bags, can you? You might be trying to say it’s easy, but you can’t do plastic surgery. also easy.”

In response to the post, the reply column said, “I think so too! I want Chiechika to tell me more about this!!!” There was a voice saying:

In response to these comments, Chie replied, “Hey, fashion and plastic surgery shouldn’t be combined” and “You need to understand the risks before plastic surgery!”

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