Professional baseball Rakuten loses 4 cards in a row | NHK Tohoku News

Rakuten Professional Baseball played Nippon Ham on the 4th and lost 2-8.
Rakuten has lost 4 cards in a row.

Rakuten, 4th in the Pacific League, played against Nippon-Ham, the bottom team, at their home, Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi.
In the 3rd inning, Rakuten’s starting pitcher, Hayakawa, was hit by Nippon-Ham’s Taniuchi, who scored a timely deuce, giving Rakuten the lead.
The batting lineup was unable to capture Nippon-Ham pitcher’s good tempo, left-handed pitch Kato, and 14 ground balls into the infield until the 8th inning, sinking without scoring, and at the 9th inning, he took 2 runs from the Nippon-Ham relief team, it was barely possible.

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