[Puzzle & Dragons]This non-paying character is an essential sub for the strongest formation!! The utilization rate is greatly increased with super high performance![Collaboration One Piece]| AppBank

Due to the increased rarity limit leaders, the low-rare character “He” is attracting attention!

Unexpected success of “Dryard”

Currently, low-rarity characters are gaining attention mainly due to “Kaido’s” influence, but Kaido basically incorporates Kaido as a sub besides being a leader friend.

Therefore, within the limit of “total rarity 26 or less”, “16” will be used for Kaido…

I want to use the remaining “10” rarity for the strongest characters possible… In this case, how to save money is key.
At that time, the “Super Dryad” received a lot of attention!

Here, the rarity is only “3”, and you have “3” squibs including the super awakening.
Also, since it has “Recovery L-Shape Eraser”, it can grant “Skill Boost++” latently! !

Also, I’m glad the other performance is relatively great, and while I can’t deploy firepower, I can’t use things like “Recover all invalid link/wake states” and “Recover 30 % HP for 2 turns” I have skills that I don’t.
It’s also great that it comes fully equipped with “binding resistance” and “sealing resistance”, and if you’re using Kaido, it really is a great candidate for subs…

If you want to use Kaido, please try to include Dryad when creating your formation!

Check out this article!

“One Piece Collaboration” will be held from 1/9.
The ‘ONE PIECE FILM RED Colosseum’ that appeared here is a hot topic, so we’ve collected everyone’s formations that serve to clean it up!
In the One Piece Colosseum solo formation, there are a lot of Sanji leader formations, but I forget to transform for the rest of my life, so I change to Luffy…

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