Snow Man Daisuke Sakuma and Voice Actor Yuma Uchida, Kismai Toshiya Miyata Fight “Sakuma’s Miyata-kun” – model press

On the 3rd, Snow Man’s Daisuke Sakuma appeared on Cultural Broadcasting’s “Snow Man Daisuke Sakuma’s wait, impossible, hard” (every Saturday from 8:00 am), where he serves as a personality. The conversation between Yuma Uchida, a voice actor who appeared as a guest, and Kis-My-Ft2’s Toshiya Miyata has become a hot topic.

Daisuke Sakuma, voice actor Yuma Uchida and “I Seriously Fight Miyata-kun”

Sakuma and Uchida have a close relationship with Miyata even in their private lives. He often reveals that they’re both competing for Miyata on the show, but when Uchida tried to start the topic by saying, “I heard it from ‘my’ Miyata-kun,” Sakuma said, “Wait wait a minute. Wait, that’s a misnomer… “Sakuma’s Miyata-kun, right?”

Yuma Uchida is jealous of the relationship between Daisuke Sakuma and Toshiya Miyata

And Uchida said he used to be jealous of Sakuma and Miyata’s relationship. At a restaurant I go to quite often, the store clerk said, ‘Isn’t Saku-kun (Sakuma) together?

In response, Sakuma said, “I’m happy. It’s only natural that I’m right next to Miyata-kun.” I heard all about you, but I thought Yuma-kun was a really nice person. a person, but when I met him, he was actually a very lovely person,” he praised Sakuma’s personality.

Daisuke Sakuma and Yuma Uchida, who compete for Toshiya Miyata, are a hot topic

The interaction between Sakuma and Uchida, who fight for Miyata, drew many reactions on social media, such as “Miyata-kun’s fight is too funny”, “The two Miyata-kun’s love was too big and “The crackle around Miyata-kun is so cute”. . (modelpress writing)

Information: Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

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