Top 10 Ranking of “Famous Ramen Shops in Akihabara”! 1st place is “Aoshima Shokudo Akihabara”[version septembre 2022](1/5) | Netorabo research team

For those looking for recommended ramen stores in Akihabara, we will introduce you to the stores that have been rated highly by users in September 2022.

It reflects the latest data, so please use it when choosing a store. Let’s take a look at the top results.

*This ranking is based on Google’s word-of-mouth “user rating” and “word-of-mouth count”.

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#2: Kyushu Jangara Akihabara Main Store (4.3 points/2633 reviews)

The second place was “Kyushu Jangara Akihabara Main Store”. This ramen shop is known for its “mild tonkotsu soup”, which is a well-balanced mixture of pork bones, chicken bones, and several kinds of vegetables. In addition to the three types of noodles that go well with the soup, defatted meatballs and mentaiko (cod roe) specially ordered from a seafood processing company in Kyushu are also excellent.

1st place: Aoshima Shokudo Akihabara store (4.3 points / 2665 reviews)

The first place was “Aoshima Shokudo Akihabara”. Affiliate store of the famous “Aoshima Shokudo” restaurant in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. It is popular as a restaurant where you can enjoy Nagaoka ginger soy sauce ramen, one of the top five ramen in Niigata. It consists of a soup made from soy sauce with a hint of ginger. There are two types of ramen, “Aoshima Ramen” and “Aoshima Roasted Pork”.

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