Top 20 “Famous Yakiniku Restaurants in Tokyo”! 1st place is “Akasaka Raimon” & “Banba YORONIKU”[Tabelog Yakiniku TOKYO 100 restaurants célèbres 2022](1/5)’s food review site “Tabelog” annually announces 100 restaurants with high user ratings in each genre as “Tabelog 100 Famous Restaurants”. This time, we will feature 20 restaurants with particularly high ratings from “Tabelog Yakiniku TOKYO 100 Famous Restaurants 2022”. First, we will introduce the two best stores.

(Source source:Tabelog “Yakiniku TOKYO 100 famous restaurants 2022”

1st place: Raimon Akasaka

First, two shops lined up with an evaluation of 4.37 points. The first store is “Akasaka Raimon” in Akasaka, Minato-ku. Located near Akasaka-Mitsuke Station, this restaurant has been selected as one of ‘Tabelog Yakiniku 100 Famous Restaurants’ for four consecutive years since 2019, and has also won the Silver Award for three consecutive years since 2020 This popular restaurant is notorious for its difficulty in making reservations.

Tongue salt, liver salt, grilled Shinshin and many other exquisite meats are exquisite. “Morioka Reimen” is also gaining popularity, so most people enjoy it after enjoying yakiniku.

1st place: Fan YORONIKU

The second store that ranked first was “Ban YORONIKU” in Ebisu, Shibuya-ku. Located on the top floor of a building about 2 minutes walk from Ebisu station, you can enjoy exquisite meat in a modern and relaxed atmosphere. From 2018 to 2022, it also won silver awards in the “Tabelog Yakiniku 100 Famous Restaurants” and “The Tabelog Award”, demonstrating its popularity.

Meat like beef tongue and chateaubriand is also attractive due to its excellent technology, such as changing the cutting and grilling method depending on the conditions of the day. In the “special course” for a limited number of groups, which is only available on certain booking sites, menus that are not offered in the regular course also appear. The escalope rosé sandwich with chateaubriand is particularly popular.

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