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According to Cybersecurity Ventures, a cybersecurity research firm, cybercrime costs approximately $6 trillion (4.850 billion euros) per year, which represents almost 10% of the global economy. A study from the University of Maryland also revealed that there is an average hacker attack every 39 seconds worldwide. In today’s society, where all information is digitized and access to digitized information is available anywhere in the world, cybersecurity measures and responses are urgently needed.

Mr. Yutaka Arima, Ambassador in charge of Cyber ​​Policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told the United Nations Open-ended Working Group on Cybersecurity that cyberspace has become an indispensable economic and social infrastructure for all activities, and that countries should be prepared to prevent cyberattacks. He points out that he has become vulnerable and poses a major security risk. In order to protect and strengthen a free, open and safe cyberspace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that cooperation and collaboration with each country and region is most important, and it seems that various efforts are being made.

In these circumstances, Ireland has many attractive assets and qualifications for foreign markets, such as trade and investment promotion policies that favor the development of high value-added industrial clusters, and has quickly recognized its importance in the field of cybersecurity. to the national response, it is today one of the main drivers of cybersecurity in the world.

Responding to the Irish cybersecurity sector

Ireland is home to 6 of the world’s top 10 cybersecurity software companies and 30,000 professionals with relevant skills in industry, academia and government. Additionally, it holds around 30% of the data of the entire European Union (EU) and is ranked 7th out of 28 EU member states in the European Commission’s 2019 Digital Economic and Social Index (DESI). .

In the context of these facts and circumstances, the Irish Government has positioned cybersecurity as an important national strategic issue from the outset. Given the need for negotiations and collaboration between the two countries, we strongly recognized the need to establish a formal organization. /organization for cyber clusters in Japan, and worked on preparations for it.

As a result, the Irish Cybersecurity Cluster was officially launched in 2019. This cybersecurity cluster organization, supported by IDA Ireland, brings together players representative of the needs of the sector to stimulate innovation, growth and competitiveness of companies and organizations in the cluster. responsible for strengthening it.

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