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F1 Dutch Grand Prix stewards have ruled that Scuderia AlphaTauri’s Hiroki Tsunoda will be reprimanded after the final race on September 4 for failing to meet safety requirements.

In the 72-lap race contested at Circuit Zandvoort, Yuki Tsunoda was in position to aim for a prize, but was forced to retire on lap 43 due to a mechanical problem.

Yuki Tsunoda loosened her seat belt to get out of the car when she first came to a stop on the struggling track. However, the team told me to restart the car as there was no problem with the tyres, so I restarted the car. There was a problem here.

Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) pit crew tightening seatbelt, 4th September 2022, F1 Dutch GP final raceCourtesy of Red Bull Content Pool

Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) pit crew tightening seatbelt, 4th September 2022, F1 Dutch GP final race

After the race, a four-person panel, including Emmanuel Pirro, interviewed Yuki Tsunoda and the team representative, along with video and audio evidence. Yuki was reprimanded (non-conductive).

In a press release, the stewards explain:

“After car 22 came to a pit stop, the driver felt that the wheels were not properly seated and stopped the car, but an investigation by the stewards led to the conclusion that there was in fact a problem. with the differential.

“The car was therefore not in a critical condition when it was released from the pit stop position.”

“However, the driver admitted at the hearing that he was ready to get out of the car after he stopped on the track and started to loosen the seat belt without unlocking it.”

“Then he went back to the pits and the mechanics tightened the seat belt. It’s impossible for the driver himself to determine exactly how loose the seat belt is.”

The violation was based on article 12.5.6 of the F1 Technical Regulations. It is said:

“Two shoulder straps, a lap strap and two crotch straps are mandatory. These straps must comply with FIA standard 8853-2016 and must be securely attached to the car.”

The FIA ​​has not disclosed the cumulative number of reprimands, including this one, but if it reaches 5 times (4 of which are driving-related reprimands), it will be a 10-place grid penalty for the next lap. in Italy. will be taxed.

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