A 160kg hardball changed by 53cm? Shohei Otani’s Lead Surprises ‘First Class Among Firsts’ Receiver | Full Count

The receiver talks about Shohei Otani’s lead, which reached perfection in the game on 4

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani is making headlines in the United States with his super-fast pellet, which he uses as a new weapon. The local newspaper “Orange County Register” published an article titled “Angels’ Shohei Ohtani doing some kind of ‘video game’ thing with new ballast.” He asked his partner, receiver Max Stussy, about his power.

“Max Stussy is always overwhelmed,” this period dives into the value of Ohtani’s lead from a receiver’s perspective. On the 3rd (Japan time, 4th), Stacy said, “Ohtani said he was doing something like a video game.

“Pitchers spend years trying to figure out how to throw a certain type of pitch or how to make a slider usable. Outrageous.”

According to the article, Ohtani threw just one lead for the first time in the game against the Marlins on July 6 (7th). After that, in the game against the Mariners on the 15th (August 16), it was 6 balls, and it was still developing. And in the 3rd (4th) game, he threw 111 shots, the most this season, with 18 pellets. I announced that I had thrown 8 times and lost 1 point.

“It was clear that the ballast had improved. Additionally, the article points out that Ohtani’s 99.7 mph (about 160.5 km) lead thrown three times at Astros’ Chaz McCormick in that game moved 21 inches (about 53.3 cm). ) to the right. It introduces Stacy’s comment, “It’s a first-class ball in the first class.”

Finally, the article states, “Ohtani, who uses this pellet as a new weapon, also throws 85 to 87 miles (about 136.8 to 140.0 kilograms) of sliders that travel 18 to 20 inches (about 45.7 to 50.8 centimeters) in the opposite direction. It also launches a nearly 92 mile (approximately 148.1 km) slot where it drops, and launches a 100 mile (approximately 161.0 km) seam 4 where it goes straight,” he announced his impregnable .

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