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Pro Wrestling Noah will be a newcomer for the first time in about two years at the Korakuen Hall tournament on September 15, 2022.
Taishi OzawaWe announced that we will have a first game.
In commemoration of this, on behalf of all the fans and businesses that support Noah,
in Ozawa“Supporter Support Message”We are looking for

This will display the support message received on the vision in the place on the day,
By presenting it on the official Twitter account,
Of course, we want you to host the Korakuen tournament,
Early in Ozawa’s professional wrestling life,
I planned it because I wanted to encourage you.

[Profil de Daiji Ozawa]
Taishi Ozawa
Date of birth: October 23, 1996
Height: 181cm
Weight: 87kg
blood type: O
Place of birth: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Introductory day: July 1, 2021

When I was in elementary school, I saw pro wrestling on TV and was hooked.
He started gymnastics in high school after seeing Mistico move.
Eventually, he aspired to become a professional wrestler, and in July 2021, he joined Noah.
After more than a year of rigorous training, it will be the first time in about two years since Yasutaka Yano.
Noah will make his debut at Korakuen Hall on September 15.

[Salutations d’Ozawa aux fans pour ses débuts]
I will do my best for my debut!
Thank you for your support!!

【How to recruit】
Pro Wrestling Noah Official Mail Order Site NOAH THE SHOP (https://shop.noah.co.jp/) will be recruited.

■ Necessary items
・Your name or business name
・Support message for Ozawa (up to 100 characters)

■ Amount: 30,000 yen per bite
* At a later date, we will send Ozawa’s debut date, an autographed portrait, and a Pro Wrestling Noah guide.

Sales period: September 4, 2022 (Sun) 10 a.m. to September 11, 2022 (Sun) 8 p.m.

*Your message will be posted on September 15 during the opening of the Korakuen Hall tournament.
It will be posted on the official Vision and Pro Wrestling Noah Twitter.

[Nous avons reçu le message suivant de The Leave, qui sera un sponsor spécial de ce projet. ]
To Ozawa
only in times of adversity
I want you to be a strong man
Leaving Life Twenty One Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kazuhiro Sato

We look forward to your passionate messages of support for Ozawa.

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