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AlphaTauri F1 Statements on Yuki Tsunoda VSC Conspiracy Theory and Slander Against Hannah Schmitz

The AlphaTauri F1 Team has responded to conspiracy theories about Yuki Tsunoda’s retirement from the Dutch Grand Prix and the defamation of Red Bull chief strategy officer Hanah Schmitz with a statement.

The Virtual Safety Car (VSC), triggered by Yuki Tsunoda’s retirement, affected the rest of the race, fueling criticism on social media. VSC played against Mercedes F1’s Lewis Hamilton and George Russell and in favor of Max Verstappen.

As a result, Red Bull Racing chief strategy officer Hannah Schmitz has fallen prey to online abuse.

The drama began when Yuki Tsunoda, coming out of his pit stop, suspected that his wheels were not installed correctly.

Yuki Tsunoda was ordered by his engineer to stop on the track, after which he cut the engine and prepared to exit the car. However, according to team data, the pit stop went as planned and the wheels were safely secured, so they were encouraged to restart and return to the pits where they would be shod with new tyres. .

When Yuki Tsunoda stopped on the track, he loosened his seat belt as he was about to get out of the car and had to re-tighten it during an additional pit stop, which took time and caught the attention of the paddy field commissioners.

Yuki Tsunoda reported that he could still feel the same problem as soon as he came out of his pit, suggesting it could be related to his car’s differential. After leaving the pit lane, Yuki Tsunoda was instructed to find a safe parking spot, then turn off the switch and get out of the car.

The ensuing VSC made it easy for leader Max Verstappen to make a second stop to buy new tyres. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, on the other hand, lost the advantage they had hoped for if the race had been run under normal conditions and had gone as planned without needing a second pit stop.

Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton said VSC timing ‘spoiled’ him during the race, while team principal Toto Wolff later said he was ‘speechless’ because of how Yuki Tsunoda’s situation got lost,” he said.

The whole episode looked strange on television, but a review of in-car footage and radio conversations at the time showed it was simply a case of the crew and driver not knowing. what was at stake and reacted as best they could to the unusual situation. One thing has been confirmed.

FIA stewards investigated immediately after the race and only warned Yuki Tsunoda for driving with his seat belt loose.

However, a conspiracy theory between the Red Bull Racing teams and Scuderia AlphaTauri soon emerged on social media, with slander directed at Hanur Schmitz.

The AlphaTauri F1 team responded on Monday with a statement denouncing the conspiracy theory and defending Hannah Schmitz.

“I am extremely disappointed to read the words and comments directed at our team and Red Bull Racing’s Chief Strategy Officer, Hannah Schmitz,” the statement read.

“Such hateful behavior is unacceptable, and accepting accusations of misconduct is unacceptable, wrong, and completely disrespectful to Hannah and us.”

“We have always competed independently and fairly, with the highest level of respect and sportsmanship.”

“Yuki was stopped on track because he had an injury that the team didn’t detect right away. It would be insulting and categorically wrong to suggest anything different.”

Scuderia Alpha Tauri

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