Ball umpire vs. Seibu/Takeya Nakamura ‘Suspicion of retaliatory judgment’ OB theory ‘Useless as umpire’ ‘Definitely emotional’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Takeshi Nakamura (55), a former baseball catcher and commentator for Chunichi Professional Baseball, appeared on the YouTube channel “Yakyu Ikkan!” He brought up the ball umpire’s judgment problem in the match against Orix.

  • Takeya Nakamura (Photo: YUTAKA/Afro Sports)

    Takeya Nakamura (Photo: YUTAKA/Afro Sports)

  • Takeya Nakamura (Photo: YUTAKA/Afro Sports)

“Especially the receiver is the most surprised.”

The scene in question is Seibu’s attack in the 6th inning with a 6-point lead.

Takeya Nakamura (39) entered the batting turn with a 2-death chance at 1st and 3rd base. The slider of the first ball is half swung and hit. Nakamura, unhappy with this decision, turned to ball referee Tetsuya Shimada (55) and “protested” with gestures. Head coach Kazuo Matsui (46) and batting coach Yosuke Hiraishi (42) rushed off the bench and it was so hot they stopped him.

And the 4th ball of the count 2 balls 1 hits. The low fifth is for striking judgment. Immediately after the decision was made, Nakamura looked back and mumbled something unsatisfactory. In the end, this turn-at-bat missed the sixth ball of the full count and was retired.

On the internet, a series of exchanges between the referees of Nakamura and Shimada during the halfway point prompted comments pointing to ‘retaliatory judgments’ and ‘poor judgments’ for the strike judgment of the fourth ball.

At the start of the match, Mr. Nakamura said of Shimada’s striking judgment, “It’s just a word, it’s not good.” “Everyone is surprised. Especially the receiver is the most surprised,” he said from the player’s perspective. , the referee will lose credibility.”

In April, Shirai’s actions were controversial

He added, “I played many games with Nakamura-kun as a hitter and as an umpire. I don’t know if anything happened in the first place. It came out, didn’t come out. “Isn’t it wrong for a referee to call it a strike?”

According to the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization (NPB) official website, Shimada was a former Hanshin player and played until the 1998 season. Joined in January 1999 and will be in his 24th season as a referee This year. By the end of the 21st season, he had participated in 1461 games and served as a referee in the Japan Series, All-Star Game, Climax Series, etc.

Regarding Nakamura and Shimada’s future, Mr. Nakamura said, “Even if it’s like that,” he said, “Even if it’s not the person himself, the umpire is a great person.” , I gotta make it flat out there once,” he suggested. He also referred to the system overhaul, saying, “The rules of baseball have been changed all the time, and unless the referees do the same, I don’t think the referees will last.”

In April this year, the referee’s actions caused controversy on the Internet. In the second inning of the Lotte vs. Orix game held on the 24th, Kazuyuki Shirai (44) approached Lotte pitcher Aki Sasaki (20) on the mound and talked to receiver Torao Matsukawa (18). years) who entered the arbitration. . According to reports at the time, such as sports newspapers, after the match Shirai’s referee made no comment. The true intention of the act is therefore unknown, but some fans criticized it on the Internet.

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