China on the run: President Xi Jinping’s title of “leader” alongside Mao Zedong is a sign of renewal = Kenji Bando | Weekly Economist Online

As he faces difficult issues in domestic affairs, economy and diplomacy, power is concentrated in the hands of President Xi Jinping.

Balancing deification and internal party reconciliation is a difficult task

“People’s Leader Xi Jinping”. The China Central Television website has opened a special page showcasing President Xi Jinping’s achievements since July. At the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to be held in the fall, Xi will enter an unusual third term, and the prospect of officially reviving the title of “leader” on par with Mao Zedong, who was called the ” great leader,” increases.

“Ryosode” originally meant the collar and sleeves of a garment. It was a prominent and important place, and in ancient China it was made into a model. At the Politburo meeting in December 2019, Xi was referred to as “the leader of the people”, but after the coronavirus crisis the term was not used much in the media.

According to the influential Hong Kong newspaper “Ming Pao”, the name “People’s Leader of the New Era” is popular. By adding the title of “people’s leader” to the “party core” and “military commander”, Mr. Xi’s authority approximates that of Mao Zedong. A Chinese political scientist reportedly said, “Even if he retires in the future, as long as he is alive, his influence will be number one.

“We must inherit the red gene (red origin) and ensure the successor of the red mountains and rivers (red mountains) to pass them from generation to generation.” Xi traveled to Liaoning Province after his summer vacation in Beidaihe, a resort town in Hebei Province. He stressed the importance of the continuation of the Communist Party system in the memorial hall of the “Liao Shen Campaign,” one of the “three great wars” of the Chinese Civil War.

It seems that the first voice was full of ideological colors in the year of the party congress, which is held once every five years. The Taiwan Strait is strained and economic recovery is slowed by adherence to the zero corona policy. From the outside, it looks like a situation of internal turmoil and external turmoil, but there is a centripetal force that says, “That’s why the Communist Party system must not be shaken.” Mr Xi, whose father is former Vice Premier Xi Zhong Isao, is the representative of the “second red generation”, a group of children of former revolutionaries. “The red gene legacy” can be interpreted as underscoring the inevitability of Mr. Xi’s continuation.

The focus is on the treatment of Prime Minister Lee

On the other hand, Premier Li Keqiang, after leaving…

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