[Demain 6 Chimu Dondon]Kiyoe and Katahide Argue and Decide to Leave the Pigsty!Shigeko Visits Nobuko…

  1. [Demain 6 Chimu Dondon]Kiyoe and Katahide argue and decide to leave the pigsty! Shigeko visits Nobuko…sports report
  2. NHK’s morning drama “Chimu Dondon” Nobuko’s (Kuroshima Yuina) gaffe “I’m different from Yahagi-san” caused a ruckus on the internet “How worried are you?” “The Greatest and the Worst”sanspo
  3. The Importance Of “Becoming Happy” Continues To Be Drawn To “Chimudondon” Futatsuhashi Explains The Difficulties In The Restaurant Industrytrue sound
  4. “Chimudondon” 106th: Nobuko’s slanderous remarks and the appearance of a solid villain warm me up in the morningCinemas by Shochiku
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