“ELDEN RING” Was Comedic for the First Time as a “Gag Manga”! Serialization Launched in Free WEB Youth Magazine “COMIC Hu” (Inside) – Yahoo!

[2 images au total]”Death game” “ELDEN RING” has become an official manga gag!

“ELDEN RING: The Road to the Golden Tree” is a “gag manga” that uniquely interprets the world setting of “ELDEN RING”. Nikiichi Tobita, who is in charge of the manga, is the creator of “Jakken-san wa Sukubureru” and “Shinobigataki”. It is said that the original game will draw new charm from a different point of view. The story begins when the faded man “Aseo”, who has been thrown into Rimgrave, a land between the holes, is approached by a mysterious girl, Melina, and aims for the Golden Tree as per the blessing’s advice. It is said that many familiar boss characters and important people will appear in the original game.[Synopsis]Aseo, a faded man who was thrown into Rimgrave, a land between the holes, due to poverty. Facing the harshness of the interstitial earth, Souo is approached with a deal by a mysterious girl, Melina, and follows the blessing’s advice to aim for the golden tree. A person with too much personality waits one after another on Ao’s path. Futen’s Coin, the half-wolf Blive, the detestable demon Margit, the grafted Godric and the witch Rani… Aoi, desperately traveling through Rimgrave, will Aoi be able to reach his immediate destination, Stormville Castle?! Serialization started with 2 episodes at a time. After that, it will be updated on the 4th and 19th of every month. In addition, with the cooperation of KADOKAWA’s own bases and foreign publishers, simul or quasi-simul distribution is also implemented in all 11 languages. From the moment of serialization, it comes in a form that can be enjoyed all over the world at the same time. Delivery languages ​​and publishers are as follows. English: Yen Press, LLC (Only Comic Walker will distribute the English version) Traditional Chinese: Kadokawa Taiwan Co., Ltd. Thai: KADOKAWA AMARIN COMPANY LIMITED Korean: Youngsang Publishing MEDIA, INC. French: Mana Books German: Altraverse GmbH Italian: PANINI SpA Spanish (Spain): NORMA Editorial SA Spanish (Latin America): Panini Mexico SA Polish: STUDIO JG Portuguese: Panini Brasil Ltda.

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