Former K-1 Champion, “Tekken Punishes” Intrusive Man Who Brags About Fighting Shocked KO With Angry Gachisper… Mr. Shinji Takehara Video Released On YouTube: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Minoru Kimura (28), former world super welterweight champion K-1 WORLD GP, appeared on the YouTube channel “Takehara TV” released on September 4, 2022, and Shinji Takehara (50), former world champion WBA middleweights. man who was proud of his fight and stormed into the gym.

  • Mr. Shinji Takehara (Photo: Mikio Nakai/Aflo)

    Mr. Shinji Takehara (Photo: Mikio Nakai/Aflo)

  • Mr. Shinji Takehara (Photo: Mikio Nakai/Aflo)

Kimura Buchigire boasts of having fought “Respect you”

A braggart once invaded the gymnasium, and this time, the four braggarts from Yokohama visited the gymnasium without an appointment, and a young man who seems to be the leader demanded to train with Mr. Takehara. This young man had previously called the gym to request sparring, but had been turned down.

When Mr. Takehara, who was angry at the young man’s rudeness, grabbed him by the collar, the young man also grabbed the collar again, creating an ominous atmosphere. When Mr. Takehara glared at him, “Don’t get carried away, you”, the young man provoked, “Are you scared? You ran away last time”, and demanded to train with Mr Takehara.

Takehara consistently refuses to train with the youngsters. A young man also asked to practice without shooting anything. While this exchange is going on, another group of brawlers from Chiba burst into the gym. The gymnasium was filled with an air of unease.

Mr. Takehara tried to convince the young people of both groups through discussion, but they were unsuccessful. So, Mr. Takehara asked Kimura, who was training, to train. Kimura, who appeared wearing gloves, glared at the young man who said and acted like Takehara was stupid and said, “Respect (Mr. Takehara), you.”

“Don’t suddenly come and ask me to train in the gym.”

In the end, gym players Kimura and Mr. Takehara faced off against youngsters who were proud of their “KO” fights. He kept his braggarts at bay.

After the fight, Mr Takehara called on the youngsters to “go to the gym normally”. This time, two groups of braggarts broke into the gym, but they revealed on SNS that they got into fights who visit the gym without an appointment.

On Twitter updated August 25, he posted, “Don’t suddenly come to the gym and ask me to train you. It’s boring to others and I’m in trouble.” On the 26th, the next day, he said: “Since yesterday, I have received 3 more calls. It seems that they are also from someone I have already refused. Is it natural to make one video? I really don’t know what to do. posted a comment.

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