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Prince Hisahito, the eldest son of Prince Akishino and his wife, celebrated his 16th birthday on the 6th.

Prince Hisahito entered high school at the University of Tsukuba this spring and, according to the Imperial Household Agency, he has spent the past year in good health.

In high school, he enthusiastically participated in classes and school activities with his classmates, and in the badminton club he joined, he actively participates in basic physical strength training.

During the summer vacation, they went to school to prepare for the autumn school festival and club activities, and during a two-night, three-day event in the city of Tateshina in the prefecture. from Nagano, they experienced climbing Mount Tateshina.

Also, this summer, together with Prince Akishino and his wife, I observed calligraphy and choral presentations at the National High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival held in Tokyo, and interacted with high school students of my generation. .

Outside of school, students research the habitats of dragonflies and other creatures on the Imperial land of Akasaka where they live. , interest in biodiversity conservation has increased.

High school has resumed since this month, and Prince Hisahito is doing well.

Prince Hisahito observes rice paddies in Akasaka Imperial Household Agency released

On the occasion of Prince Hisahito’s birthday, the Imperial Household Agency released a video of Prince Hisahito observing the growth of rice in the rice fields of the Akasaka Estate where he lives.

The video was taken on August 7, during the summer vacation, and shows two types of rice, non-glutinous rice and sticky rice, which Prince Hisahito, along with Prince Akishino and his sister Kako, grow in the planted rice field. .

Prince Hisahito crouched down to carefully check the growth of the rice and observed the praying mantis nearby.

The rice should be harvested in September.

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