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It was revealed on September 2 that actor Kazuyuki Furuya passed away on August 23. Death of a 78-year-old actor.

He gained popularity as Kosuke Kindaichi in the dramas “Seiji Yokomizo Series” and “Detective Kosuke Kindaichi Series”, and is also known for many representative works such as “Kinyobi no Tsumatachi e”, “Shitakuen” and “Mixed Bathing Outdoor Bath Serial”. Murder”. Mr. Furuya.

In 2011 he developed lung cancer, but underwent surgery and returned to work. Even after that, while battling illness, he vigorously pursued his activities in dramas, movies, and plays, so the sudden tragic news surprised all of Japan.

Therefore, this time we will return to the life of the actor, as well as the works in which Kazuyuki Furuya appeared.

View images (7 images) Miyuki Kumagai (Miyuki Matsuda) made her acting debut in the movie ‘The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi’ From left: Toshio Egi, Kazuyuki Furuya, Kumagai, Kunie Tanaka = Tokyo, April 25, 1979 Photo released with l courtesy of Sankei Shimbun

Hit role, Kosuke Kindaichi Bright and relaxed new “Kindaichi image”

Among the many representative works, Kousuke Kindaichi is Kousuke Furuya’s most successful role. I’m amazed that he was able to continue acting for 29 years in his acting life.

When I looked again, there were over 20 actors who challenged for the role of Kosuke Kindaichi. Under such circumstances, there are 48 dramas and movies in which Mr. Furuya played Kosuke Kindaichi.

Since the number of works in which he appeared is extremely large, one can see how Mr. Kazuyuki Furuya was supported by viewers.

Actor Kazuyuki Furuya plays weak and seemingly unreliable detective Kousuke Kindaichi in February 1977. Photo courtesy of Sankei Shimbun.

With unkempt hair and a ragged hakama. He sprints around in his geta slippers and snores loudly when he sleeps. And when he gets stuck in his reasoning, he does a handstand…

The Kosuke Kindaichi statue, created by Mr. Furuya, is free-spirited and full of mischief. Even if you look at it now, there are probably a lot of people who are fascinated by the human figure.

The Furuya Kazuyuki version is widely popular as “the most faithful image of Kanedaichi to the original work”, and makes it seem like the spooky and tense atmosphere unique to Yokomizo Seishi’s world stands out. I want to see the whole series again! I’m sure I’m not the only one to think so.

*Photo is taken from “In Late Morning” (C) 2019 Fuji Television Amuse Toho Cork

I want you to watch it together! Kazuyuki Furuya’s Recent Appearances – “Late Morning”

Set in Tokyo, Paris and New York, the film “Au bout de la matine” depicts the fate of love between a musician and a journalist. Kazuyuki Furuya, who contested the role of Seiichi Sobue, a classical guitarist in this work.

In the concert scene, he has a dignified appearance as a first-class performer, and in the session scene with street musicians, he shows an open and cheerful appearance. It is a job where you can appreciate the charm of Mr. Furuya not only as an actor but also as a musician.

Speaking of Mr. Furuya, what should be noted is the sexiness of an adult that oozes even with age. Even in this work there is something reminiscent of the sex appeal shown in melodramas such as “To Friday’s Wives” and “Paradise Lost”.

Come to think of it, when she appeared in the drama series “Hiyokko”, “Despite the role of the heroine’s grandfather, Furuya-san is brimming with sexiness”, and captivated the younger generation of viewers. the news and has become a hot topic. It’s no exaggeration to say that “adult sex appeal” is synonymous with actor Kazuyuki Furuya.

* Photo is from W Drama Series “Auditor Shuhei Nozaki” (C) 2018 WOWOW INC.

W-series drama “Auditor Shuhei Nozaki”

In the late 1990s, the economic bubble burst and money and power swirled. The W-series drama “Kansayaku Shuhei Nozaki” depicts the activities of bank clerk Shuhei Nozaki, who struggles to bring justice even against the grain.

Mr. Furuya played the role of Masahiko Kyogoku, the president of Ozora Bank, in this work, in which the position of auditor became the main character of the drama for the first time. At first glance, he appears to be a soft-spoken gentleman. However, from the sharp eyes and demeanor he sometimes shows, you can glimpse an intimidating feeling that cannot be called good, and his delicate expressive power is just a word.

Is he an enemy or an ally of the protagonist? It goes without saying that the presence of Kyogoku, played by Mr. Furuya, made the drama even more spectacular.

*The photo is from the “Omoide Shashin” production committee (C) “Omoide Shashin”

“Omoid Photo”

The film “Omoide Shashin” which became the posthumous work of Kazuyuki Furuya. It is a human drama in which the main character, who lost his dream in Tokyo and returned to his hometown, finds his meaning in life while continuing to make “souvenir photos” for seniors.

Mr. Furuya played Masatoshi Kashiwaba, an old man with bad legs and a heavy past. The grief, suffering and regret that the person contains. The performance that was transmitted to viewers without words had a deep taste that made you feel the tree rings. It is a work that I would like to touch again on deep play.

From a great detective to a hot man, a reliable boss, and even withered, a hot old man… Mr. Kazuyuki Furuya continued to fascinate the audience with his human acting and solid presence. I sincerely pray for the rest of the soul.

Masafumi Yokomizo PD by Sekaisha

Masafumi Yokomizo PD from Sekaisha “Fuji” No. 5 (1952)

Seishi Yokomizo Series I (aired in 1977)
The first book “The Inugami Family”
The second book “Homjin Murder Case”
The third work “three-headed tower”
The fourth work “the devil comes to blow a flute”
5th work “The island of Gokumon”
6th work “Devil’s Temari Uta” Masafumi Yokomizo Series II (broadcast in 1978)
The first work “Hachitomb Village”
The 2nd work “Zhenzhulang”
3rd work “Masquerade”
Episode 4 “Undead Butterfly”
The fifth job “walking at night”
Episode 6 “Queen Bee”
Episode 7 “The Black Cat Lodge Incident”
The eighth work “Masked Theater”
The ninth product “Tragedy of Meiroso”

Great Detective, Kousuke Kindaichi series (aired from 1983 to 2005)
The first book “Honjin Murder Case” (1983)
2nd work “Mommy’s Bride” (1983)
3rd work “Gokumoniwa no Kubi” (1984)
4th work “Mountain Villa in the Mist” (1985)
5th work “Death Mask” (1986)
The sixth work “Perfume Heart” (1987)
The 7th “Immortal Butterfly” (1988)
The 8th “Murderer” (1988)
The ninth work “Shinigami’s Arrow” (1989)
The Tenth Job “Rose King” (1989)
The 11th work “Devil’s Temari Uta” (1990)
12th work “Witch’s Melody” (1991)
The 13th work “Hachitomb Village” (1991)
The 14th work “The devil comes to blow in the flute” (1992)
The 15th Labor “Girl Monster” (1992)
The 16th work “Hospital Hill Hanging House” (1992)
17th work “Three-headed tower” (1993)
The 18th work “Bride in the Labyrinth” (1993)
No. 19 “Queen Bee” (1994)
No. 20 “Devil’s Lips” (1994)
The 21st work “Devil’s Bride” (1995)
22nd work “Lac Maudit” (1996)
The 23rd book “Curse of the Black Feather” (1996)
The 24th Labor “Yureiza” (1997)
The 25th work “Prison Island” (1997)
The 26th book “Devil’s Mask” (1998)
The 27th work “Evil Spirit Island” (1999)
The 28th work “Trump’s Neck” (2000)
The 29th work “Suigami Village Legend Murder Case” (2002)
No. 30 “Human Facial Wounds” (2003)
The 31st work “White wax dead beauty” (2004)
The 32nd work “Kamikakushi Shinjuro” (2005)

The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi (released in 1979)

*Photo is taken from “In Late Morning” (C) 2019 Fuji Television Amuse Toho Cork

■ Late Morning (released in 2019)

Blu-ray & DVD Release Digital Distribution Now Available

With: Masaharu Fukuyama, Yuriko Ishida, Yusuke Iseya, Yuki Sakurai, Haruka Kinami, Jun Fubuki, Yuka Itaya, Kazuyuki Furuya
Director: Hiroshi Nishitani
Original: Keiichiro Hirano “Late Morning” (Bunshun Bunko)
Screenplay: Yumiko Inoue
Music: Yugo Kanno
Classical guitar supervisor: Shinichi Fukuda
Production: Kadokawa Daiei Studio
Broadcast: Toho
(C) 2019 Fuji Television Amuse Toho Liege

* Photo is from W Drama Series “Auditor Shuhei Nozaki” (C) 2018 WOWOW INC.

W drama series “Auditor Shuhei Nozaki” (broadcast in 2018)

Blu-ray & DVD Release Digital Distribution Now Available

With: Yuji Oda, Goro Kishitani, Nanako Matsushima (special appearance), Kazuyuki Furuya, Yusuke Santamaria, Miori Takimoto, Taro Suruga, Katsuya Kobayashi, Seiki Miura, Tsuyoshi Toshige, Satoshi Matsuo, Kantaro Koichi, Hirotaro Honda, Noriyuki Katsube, Reiko Tajima , Kei Yamamoto, Masahiro Komoto, Naomi Nishida, Takeshi Ukaji, Ken Mitsuishi
Original: Ryoka Shu, Shigeru Noda “Auditor Shuhei Nozaki” (Published by Shueisha)
Screenplay: Yoichi Maekawa
Supervision: Moto Hagino
Music: Kei Haneoka
Production cooperation: Kadokawa Daiei Studio
Production work: WOWOW
(C)2018 WOWOW INC.

*The photo is from the “Omoide Shashin” production committee (C) “Omoide Shashin”

■ Omoide Photo (Released in 2021)

Blu-ray & DVD Release Digital Distribution Now Available

With: Mai Fukagawa, Kengo Kora, Karina, Arata Iura, Kazuyuki Furuya, Kazuko Yoshiyuki
Director/Writer: Naoto Kumazawa
Screenplay: Yukiko Manabé
Music: Goro Yasukawa
Original: Naoto Kumazawa “Omoide Photo” (Gentosha Bunko)
Theme Song: Rei Yasuda “amber” (Sony Music Labels)
Producers: Eitaro Kobayashi, Kazunori Watanabe, Kazuaki Arima, Miho Okada, Yuji Hiratai
Producers: Yuji Hiratai, Sho Sejima
Photography: Yuta Tsukinaga/Lighting: Eiji Oshita
Artistic direction: Hisao Inagaki / Recording: Hironobu Tanaka, Norito Sorimachi
Sound effects: Kenji Shibasaki / Decoration: Tsuyoshi Endo
Hair and makeup: Akane Mochimaru/Stylist: Emi Kami
Cast: Kiriko Kitada
Photo: Takahiro Chiba
Deputy Superintendent: Onodera Akihiro
Producer: Kenji Morita
“Omoide Photo” Production Committee: Ten Carat, Sony Music Entertainment, Aeon Entertainment, Kansai Television Broadcasting, Studio Blue
Production: Blue Studio
Distributor: Aeon Entertainment
(C) “Omoide Photo” Production Committee
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