Indie Game Will Be Made Into A Movie Just One Month After Release!Autopsy Horror ‘The Mortuary Assistant’ Gets Live-Action Game Spark News

[Image]A horror game that is gradually gaining attention

According to overseas outlet Deadline, Jeremiah Kipp of “The Parasite Parasite” and “Slapface” will serve as director and screenwriter. It will be produced by Patrick Ewald, co-produced by Abbey Smith, and produced by game developer Brian Clarke and DreadXP executive producer Ted Hentschke. The cast will be announced later. The game will be released on August 2, 2022, but that will be around a month after release, which is a pretty early decision for an indie game to be made into a movie. This work is a first-person perspective horror game set in a morgue. As an apprentice framer, the player encounters various paranormal phenomena while performing autopsies and embalming corpses. In addition to being very well received by Steam user reviews (90%, 1,801), viewers on Twitch surpassed 20,000 at one point, making it a work that is slowly gaining popularity. Warning. “The Mortuary Assistant” is now available for PC (Steam).

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