Investigation for the Tokyo Olympic Games corruption case “Ohiro” Is it a large sum of money from KADOKAWA?

  1. Research Tokyo Olympics “Ohiro” Corruption Case Is it KADOKAWA’s big money?
  2. [Breaking news]KADOKAWA President Linked To Olympic Corruption Tsuguhiko Kadokawa Has Emergency Interview Over Alleged 70 Million Yen “I Don’t Think Takahashi Received Money” | TBS NEWS DIGTBS NEWS DIG Powered by JNN
  3. Toru Tamagawa On the Olympic Games Corruption Scandal “I don’t want this kind of thing to happen in Japan anymore.”J-CAST News
  4. President of KADOKAWA “Corporate compensation after sponsorship contract” payment of 70 million yen… The former director of the organizing committee mediates (September 5, 2022)ANNnewsCH
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