Is it only a matter of time before Nanako Fujita surpasses Nanako Fujita’s “Most wins” title which makes Seina Imamura who shone in Kokura? -GJ

Is it only a matter of time before Nanako Fujita overtakes the title
Seina Imamura jockey Photo: Ruriko.I

He won 4 wins last Saturday and Sunday in Kokura, making the JRA a total of 36 wins (40 wins including local horse racing).Seina ImamuraThe jockey’s momentum is unstoppable. Scored 16 wins (2nd place 12 times) at Kokura this summer, and even at Kokura readingKohei MatsuyamaIt was a great fight, placing third behind jockey (22 wins) and jockey Junya Nishimura (16 wins, 2nd place 18 times).

In recognition of his success, he received the “Ogura Turf Award”, which is given to jockeys and trainers who have shown outstanding performance at Kokura’s summer event. The award has previously been given to top jockeys such as Yutaka Take, Yuichi Fukunaga and Masamasa Kawada, but this is the first time a new jockey has won the award.

At the CBC Award (G2) on July 3, while riding Teemspada (3-year-old filly, Ritto Stable/Tadao Igarashi), he scored the first JRA record win for the first rig, and on August 20, it is possible to ride in G1. The main reason he won the award is that he caused a lot of emotion in Kokura this summer, including earning his 31st victory.

Jockey Imamura said: “I am very honored and grateful to have been selected for the Ogura Turf award, which was given to jockeys Yutaka Take, Jockey Fukunaga and Jockey Kawada, whom I respect, from the first year. Ogura is my father (Imamura Yasunari (assistant) always came to support me during his stay. I was able to come to my favorite racecourse without incident until the last day thanks to the support of many people. I will never forget my gratitude. , I would like to ride horses with aspirations every day, so please support me.” (announced by JRA)

The back of Nanako Fujita, the senior queen with the most wins of the year, has appeared

Jockey Imamura scored multiple wins on both days and took 36 wins for the JRA year. Will the record be the next goal to break the record of 43 wins (2019, Nanako Fujita), which is the most wins in a year for JRA jockeys? Although there is a tailwind of the “Nanako rule” which gives a weight advantage, the backs of the seniors can be seen right there.

At the Ibis SD (G3) in July, where the first graded female jockey match took place, she left a comment she was not particularly aware of, but when she signed a management contract with Horipro in August, she said: “I respect As he said, ‘Senior’, he’s also an opponent to compare yourself to.

After all, there is a lot of attention from fans, and many fans check the results of both online message boards and SNS. With about 3 months remaining, there is enough time and overtaking Nanako has become more realistic.

Jockey Imamura, who already has a presence that overwhelms Jockey Fujita in the news. With attention focused on the possibility of riding G1 for the first time in fall horse racing, how far will he stretch his winning streak?

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