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Kazuya Kamenashi is an MC for sports, variety and music programs. There’s a reason the deals don’t cut…

KAT-TUN・Kazuya Kamenashi

6, KAT-TUNKamenashi Kazuyais the MC of the variety show “One-shot Explanation Variety at a Glance!!” Fans are expressing their grief over the end of the series.

Within the industry, there is an “unexpected valuation” for Kamenashi.

■ Program evaluation is…

“Understand at a glance!” is a program that reveals the questions of the world and things you may have known but didn’t know from a single photo. Since this was Kamenashi’s first time acting alone as an MC for a variety show, he seems to have been working hard behind the scenes.

A TV station official said. “It seems that he never neglected to research the guests who would appear, and not only what was written in the script, but also to shoot the program flexibly by watching the scene unfold. is also relied on for his daring attitude, such as taking up the challenge of infiltrating a cave in the city” (head of a television channel).

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■ MC work intensifies

Over the past few years, Kamenashi has done well as an MC. Appeared on “Going! Sports & News” (Nippon Television), broadcast since 2010, for more than 10 years as a Sunday baseball special supporter.

To serve as the MC for the music program “Nippon Television Music Festival Premium Music 2021” in March 2021, the sports variety “Neo Colosseo” in December of the same year (both on NTV), and “Know at a sight!!” is increasing. The above-mentioned TV channel officials talk about the background as follows.

“Mr. Kamenashi is eager to learn and has the personality to actively take on new challenges. After gaining experience in various program genres such as sports, music and variety, she has become able to see the ‘whole program and progress, and its commentary skills have improved.There are many programs that want to use it.

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