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Keisuke Kuwata

Since 2021, more than a dozen solo songs by Keisuke Kuwata have been used as UNIQLO CM songs on TV, and many famous songs continue to color the show. His evergreen songs transcend eras and generations, trending on social media and streaming, and are still a part of many people’s “always somewhere” lives. Meanwhile, the best album “Always somewhere” has been released!

Announced in April this year, the long-awaited sound source release “Heiwa no Machi” (Sompo Group CM 2022 song) and “Old Rock”, which was produced by calling his classmates’ musicians, have become a hot topic in Japan. new songs from n’Roll Band feat.

Since his debut, Keisuke Kuwata, who has been singing “always somewhere” in every time and place, has condensed the story of his 35 years of solo activities, and is a hopeful new song for the future. best album that collects the songs you want.

The complete production limited edition comes with a special T-shirt and is available in 4 sizes: S/M/L/XL!

*Album song details and design, color, dimensions, etc. of the special t-shirt will be announced at a later date.
*The special t-shirt that comes with the limited edition is made from 100% cotton.


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Limited edition of the complete production (2CD + special T-shirt)





Normal disc (2CD)




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