Major League Cubs Seiya Suzuki full turnout but no hits in 4 hits | NHK

Cubs major league baseball player Seiya Suzuki made a full appearance in the Cardinals game but was untouched with four at bats.

On the 4th, Suzuki started the game against the Cardinals in St. Louis, home of the opponent, as No. 2 and right.

First at bat in the first inning is a ground ball from the pitcher.

The 2nd at bat in the 4th inning was a good hit, but it was blocked by good defense and fell to a ground court, and the 3rd at bat in the 6th inning was a 3rd on the ground.

On the 4th at bat of the 9th inning, which was going for 2 runs, a yank from 1st hit the pitcher’s club and flew past the shortstop, resulting in a double play.

Suzuki had no hits in 4 at bats, and his hitting streak stopped at 7, and his batting average fell to 20 percent and 6 minutes.

In the 0-0 8th inning, 42-year-old Poohholes of the Cardinals, who announced his retirement at the end of this season, participated as a pinch hitter and hit a two-run homer in the endgame, which is the 695th overall in major leagues, and the Cubs scored 0. Lost 2-3 and lost 3 in a row.

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