Musical “Attack on Titans”!Presenting in Tokyo and Osaka next January, Ellen will be played by Raimu Okamiya (with comments / with video) – Comic Natalie

  1. Musical “Attack on Titans”! Performed in Tokyo and Osaka in January next year, with Raimu Okamiya as Ellen (with commentary / with video)comic natalie
  2. “Attack on Titan” Musical adaptation Ellen’s role is Okamiya Raimu, Mikasa’s role is Sara TakatsukiORICO NEWS
  3. Okamiya Raimu as Eren and Matsuda Ryo as Levi! Musical “Attack on Titan” directed by Go Ueki (video / commentary)step natalie
  4. “Attack on Titan” will be staged as a musical in 2023. Raimu Okamiya will play the role of Ellen, Sara Takatsuki, Eito Konishi and others will co-star.
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