[Original]Olympic corruption, suspect Takahashi to be arrested again… Alleged bribes on the selection of major publishing house KADOKAWA-Yomiuri Shimbun Online

  1. [Original]Olympic corruption, suspect Takahashi of being arrested again… Suspicion of having accepted bribes for the selection of the major publishing house KADOKAWAYomiuri Shimbun online
  2. How far does the suspicion of corruption at the Olympics go… Possibility of “horizontal” propagation What is the “vertical line”? (September 5, 2022)ANNnewsCH
  3. The investigation of KADOKAWA suspected of having provided funds to the former executive director of the Olympic organizing committeeNihon Keizai Shimbun
  4. [Breaking news]KADOKAWA President Linked To Olympic Corruption Tsuguhiko Kadokawa Has Emergency Interview Over Alleged 70 Million Yen “I Don’t Think Takahashi Received Money” | TBS NEWS DIGTBS NEWS DIG Powered by JNN
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