Other members guide Snow Man Teru Iwamoto! Daisuke Sakuma “I want you to rest your body a bit” -Fuji Television Review!!

snowmanTeru IwamotoFukasawa TatsuyaraoulShota WatanabeMukai KojiRyohei Abemeguro lotusRyota MiyadateDaisuke Sakuma) will begin airing nationwide starting September 13.

In the “Fujiya LOOK Mayoeru! Select! Fun Look! New Product” edition, Mr. Iwamoto, who came to the store, chose the new product “Look (Milk Parade)” from the three “looks” lined up on the shelf. Draw a momentary conflict until you take it back.

The Snow Man members in Mr. Iwamoto’s brain drive Mr. Iwamoto while making a fuss, expressing pleasure in choosing a “look”.

“Fujiya pastry cake, tomorrow, smile.” Our “Smile Switch” is “on”.

The members’ “smiles” naturally overflow, expressing how the room fills with “super happy” air every time you take a bite of the cake.

In both episodes, Snow Man’s new song “Brand New Smile” impresses with a bright, fun, and happy worldview.

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