Popular cup noodles are ‘incredibly bad’ and ‘not human food’ Egashira 2:50 is harshly criticized : J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Comedian 2:50 Egashira reviewed the ramen cup on YouTube.

  • Mr. Egashira 2:50.  From YouTube channel

    Mr. Egashira 2:50. From YouTube channel “EGA-CHANNEL”

  • Mr. Egashira 2:50.  From YouTube channel

Cup noodles slammed as “It’s a complete punishment game!”

Mr. Egashira, who unhesitatingly pointed out various fast food outlets on YouTube such as McDonald’s, Saizeriya, Mos Burger and hot snacks at convenience stores. In the video titled ‘Egashira 57, First Cup Noodles’ released on September 5, 2022, each of the 4 cups of ramen recommended by assistants in brief was eaten one by one and rated. .

The scoring standard was 100 points for “Yakibuta Ramen” cup noodles from Sanpo Foods, which is headquartered in Saga Prefecture, which is Egashira’s favorite food.

Mr. Egashira awarded Nissin Foods’ “AFURI Yuzu Shio Ramen” 110 points, Acecook’s “Super Cup 1.5x Pork Kimchi Ramen” 55 points, and Seven Premium’s “Naruryu Tantanmen” 70 points. ” received the lowest rating.

Even before eating, Mr. Egashira said with an uneasy expression, “Isn’t it clear whether you like or dislike this? “I don’t really like cilantro. When Brief-dan S, who recommended it, told me that the recommended point was “the addictive sour and spicy taste”, he frowned, saying, “I’m not good at sour and spicy. ‘spicy !” And when I took a bite, I said, “That’s the worst!” He continued, “Wow, that’s spicy! What is it? That’s not human food!” “It’s a complete punishment game!”

“I’m so sorry, Nisshin-san.”

Briefs S, who is pushing chopsticks together, praised him, saying, “Isn’t that amazingly good?” Even when other Briefs members told me this was a popular article, I kept thinking, “Really! ? This thing will not sell!

First of all, Mr. Egashira seems to have never eaten tom yum goong himself, and he himself analyzes the reason why he is not good at it. Once he calmed down, he apologized, saying, “I’m sorry, Mr. Cup Noodles.”

After that, a telop commented, “Dear Nissin Foods, this man is a pitiful man who doesn’t even know the taste of Tom Yum Goong. Brief-Dan S also praised, “When I first ate it, I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a bit,’ but the second and third time I ate it ate, I was addicted.”

Mr. Egashira scored 15 points for “Cup Noodle Pakuchi Fragrant Tom Yum Goong”. Mr. Egashira continued to criticize, saying, “It’s not just painful, it’s bad. It’s bad.

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