Sexy Zone Fuma Kikuchi: “Transcendence limit” becomes the first MC regular program under the new Saturday afternoon Zone framework for development purposes-MANTANWEB (Mantan Web)

On September 5, it was revealed that the variety show “Chokekkeigen ~Show me the bottom! Daihyakka~” that aired in July, featuring popular group “Sexy Zone”’s Fuma Kikuchi as the MC, would be regularized. This was announced during Fuji TV’s October reorganization briefing held on the same day. Airing every two weeks in the new “Saturday RISE!” This will be the first time for Kikuchi to be in charge of MC for a regular program other than the group.

“Limits of Transcendence~Show Me the Bottom! Encyclopedia~” is a variety show where celebrities struggle to capture the images and moments of this world’s “limit of transcendence.” It aired as a special program in July this year and won high ratings. Along with Mr. Kikuchi, comedy duo “New York” will also serve as MCs.

In the same context, the bi-weekly program of varied information “Wagashika Katsutan! will also be regularized. We will present “self-taught” information useful in everyday life from a unique perspective. It has aired twice as a TV special so far. In addition to Yuki Iwai from comedy duo “Haraichi” and Anri from comedy unit “Boru Juku no,” “self-proclaimed guests” will appear each time.

Yuriko Nakamura, the programming director, said the purpose of this frame was to “grow like a career fish,” saying, “Chokokukyoki” is a new MC tag from Fuma Kikuchi and New York. Win!” Because both are extreme, it has become an interesting and powerful television variety show. I want to create a new style with this kind of program on Saturday afternoons.

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