Shohei Otani, the ‘New Weapon’ That Dominated the Game ‘I Don’t Want to Hit It’ Clash That Won’t Even End Overnight | Full Count

In the game against the Astros on the 4th, he gave up 1 for 8 and handled a 160.5 kg lead.

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani pitched well against the Astros on the 3rd (4th Japan time), giving up 1 run in the 8th inning. Although he missed out on his 12th win this season, his ability to handle a 100 mile (about 160.5 km) “super-fast lead” still left an overnight shock.

Pitching analyst Rob Friedman, nicknamed “Pitching Ninja”, posted a “composite” of two pitches as “Shohei Ohtani, 100 Mile Fastball and Lead Overlay Video”. The new magic ball has the same speed and trajectory as the fastball, so you can see how quickly it changes under the batter’s hand.

Fans say, “Almost the same trajectory. I don’t feel like I can hit him…” “If you’re a hitter, you have to hit him by intuition. M.’s lead is ridiculous”, ” Bakemon” and “Truly Ghost” and the hat-tricked comments line up, showing the magnitude of the response even though it was posted the day after the pitch.

[Vidéo actuelle]Fastball and sinker are ‘almost the same trajectory. I don’t feel like hitting’ Shohei Otani’s new magic ball

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