Shosuke Tanihara City Council’s LGBTQ “Hide and Live” Note “I want you to have a little more discretion”: J-CAST TV Watch[Affichage du texte intégral]

“Remarks made at the assembly in Shimotsuke City, Tochigi Prefecture are causing controversy,” said MC Shosuke Tanihara. Afterwards, news anchor Takahiro Nishioka said, “The councilman said to LGBTQ and other sexual minorities, ‘If possible, I want you to live in silence.’ I interviewed him to find out what his intentions were.” .

On September 5 (September 2022), “Mezamashi 8” covered comments by Shimotsuke City Councilor Nobuo Ishikawa of the Happiness Realization Party, who was in a commotion after being reported by a local newspaper.

  • From the program website

    From the program website

  • From the program website

Mira Hasegawa “On the contrary, I want to say, ‘You live quietly.'”

The statement was made at a city council meeting in June this year. Regarding the introduction of the partnership oath system, the Ishikawa city councilor expressed his opposition, saying, “We will establish such a system and have it recognized by society. Regarding being a minority, he said, “If possible, I would like you to live a quiet and hidden life.”

He also said, “There is a priesthood above human rights. We did not discriminate. We must not forget that we have made a distinction between men and women.

The program directly affects the Ishikawa City Council. Asked about the true meaning of his remarks, he replied, “I have no intention or feeling of discrimination. I myself think that I am tolerant of such things.” If you say, “I have it, but I’m a woman at heart,” there’s a danger that we’ll end up in a society where women’s toilets and bathrooms are allowed. “

The program also interviewed attorney Masaru Wakasa for expert advice. Lawyer Wakasa considers the remarks “perhaps restricting freedom of expression. Remarks that are never allowed” and “living quietly and hiding” are problematic.

Mira Hasegawa (model), who participates in support communities such as LGBTQ, said: “Toilet use is definitely an area that needs ongoing discussion. … Rather, I want to say ‘You live quietly.’ ‘ It makes me angry. Besides, I wonder if you can say anything as long as you say ‘I’m not racist'”.

Tanihara: You really believe that you are not a discriminator. You say it’s not discrimination, but discrimination. I want you to bring


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