Snow Man Tatsuya Fukasawa’s response to ‘Gal Crossdressing’ Long dress and one piece with brown hair ‘That’s really cute! ”: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

Fans were amazed by the transformation of Tatsuya Fukasawa (30) from Snow Man, who appeared in “Ariyoshi’s Summer Vacation 2022 Close 77 Hours in Hokkaido Furano” (Fuji TV) broadcast on September 3, 2022.

At the suggestion of media personality Yuchami (20), the performers took on the challenge of a project in which everyone dressed up as girls and enjoyed sightseeing. Mr. Fukasawa also visited the scene in a “gyaru-ized” appearance.

  • Johnny's Office (2020)

    Johnny’s Office (2020)

  • Johnny's Office (2020)

“Gal Fukkasan is cute”

Michopako and Miyu Ikeda (23) said, “Fukasawa kun! and Yuchami said, “Please! Mr. Fukasawa wore a dark brown wig. Her dress was a beige dress.

When Michopa remarked that it didn’t look so abnormal, Mr. Fukasawa reacted with great tension, like doing a piece of gyaru with both hands.

Other performers also appeared one after another dressed as gyaru, and when everyone gathered, Mr. Ariyoshi did a defiant tsukkomi, “Fukasawa-kun is the ugliest!” In response, Mr. Fukasawa took off his mask and showed his real face, but everyone gave a brutal baptism to Mr. Fukasawa, who was making his first appearance on the program as “Realbus.”

As soon as these scenes were released, Twitter said,

“I’ve been watching Ariyoshi’s summer vacation from the beginning, but Fukasawa-kun’s cross-dressing mask is really cute!”
“Mr. Fukasawa, after dressing up as a gyaru, you hold back your hair, wear moe sleeves, and your gestures are so girly and cute!”

One after another, the voices admiring the apparition. Other,

“What do you think, Gal Fukka-san is cute?” Please take Fukasawa-kun with you next year.

And there are also voices hoping that Fukasawa can appear on the same program next year.

(Tomonaga Sakashita, J-CAST News Editorial Service)

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