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Director Shigetoshi Hasebe (left) and Jordi Crooks (right) Photo: Getty Images

On the 28th day of the Meiji Yasuda J1 League, Avispa Fukuoka against Nagoya Grampus, the Brazilian striker Lucian Araujo (30 years old), who belongs to Avispa Fukuoka, played uncourteously, and the midfielder Jordi Crooks ( 28 years old) was assisted by Lucian. a goal is a hot topic. The goal scene was also featured on TBS-affiliated news program “Sunday Morning”, but criticism of how the report was raised on SNS.

In that match, when Crooks was injured in the 21st minute of the first half, a Nagoya Grampus player kicked the ball into the touchline and play was stopped. However, when the match resumed on a throw-in from Avispa Fukuoka, Lucien delivered a cross to Crooks who had invaded the penalty area without returning the ball from the touch-line to Nagoya Grampus. Crooks fired a shot and shook the goal.

Then the Nagoya Grampus team protested, with several players including former Australian national team goalkeeper Michel Langerak (34) approaching Lucien. After discussions between the coaches of the two clubs, the players of Avispa Fukuoka did not move at all after the kickoff of Nagoya Grampus, and the FW Kensuke Nagai (33) poured it into the goal mouse .

However, there was a scene 50 seconds after kickoff that sparked discussion on SNS. A Nagoya Grampus player provided a long pass to the front line from the left side of his own field. On the other hand, when GK Takumi Nagaishi (26) jumped out of the penalty area and tried to bounce back, he collided with DF Daiki Miya (26), who was running side by side with the opponent. Both players collapse on the field.

And when the ball rolled from the left side of the penalty area, Nagoya Grampus midfielder Takuya Shigehiro (27) picked it up. When I put a cross in front of goal, the shot hit the post once, but DF Ryuya Morishita (25) pushed the rebound.

In this scene, referee Futoshi Nakamura did not whistle immediately after the two players collided and continued playing. After the goal he ran towards the two players who collapsed and demanded a stretcher.

In “Sunday Morning” aired on the 4th of this month, after reporting the result of the match between Avispa Fukuoka and Nagoya Grampus, only Crooks’ unsightly goal was featured. It recounts the process from Crooks collapsing in a contact play with an opponent until Kensuke Nagai scored a goal, and how Crooks apologized to Nagoya Grampus manager Kenta Hasegawa after the first half. -time.

However, as he did not mention anything about the events immediately after the first half kicked off, on SNS, “I can only feel editorial malice”, “This is biased reporting”, “A part is cut out”, “Fukuoka and Lucian is bad ‘It looks like it’s going to end with this'” and “Fukuoka is treated like a bad guy.”

“I wanted the referee to blow his whistle on the first concussion” and “The scene of the first concussion was cut”. There are also voices calling for mentioning things that haven’t been played.

Avispa Fukuoka lost 2-3 against Nagoya Grampus. At the end of the 28th round, they have won only 28 points, and are in 15th place, 4 points behind 17th place Vissel Kobe in the J2 automatic relegation zone.

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