“Top Gun Maverick” exceeds 12 billion yen! Unusual 2nd place in the United States (cinemacafe.net) – Yahoo! News

[Photo]Visual of the poster “Top Gun Maverick”

15 weeks after its release, this work continues to fly at a steady pace, rewriting records every day since the corona disaster, and strives to become the No. 1 live-action film released in Japan after 2020. At the 100th day of its release, the cumulative box office revenue exceeded 12 billion yen, and the momentum is not slowing down. Also, in the United States where the “Top Gun” fever continues, just like in Japan, the rankings have gradually risen, and on the weekend 15 weeks after its release, it ranked second in the American box office rankings. . It is poised to enter the top 5 of the all-time U.S. box office earning charts. Additionally, it rose to No. 26 in the all-time Japanese box office chart according to Koko News. The other day, it was announced that the new 4K main version of “Top Gun” and “Top Gun Maverick” will be screened continuously, and it looks like the acceleration will continue to new heights. “Top Gun Maverick” is now open nationwide.

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