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 CIQis a relatively new company. But the company’s management has strong ties to open source software and Linux. Announced August 31new managementwas the co-founder and CEO of CIQ, the popular「Red Hat Enterprise Linux」(RHEL)clone”CentOSIn addition to Mr. Gregory M. Kurtzer, the creator oflinuxcare(the first company to offer support for Linux), including two founders.

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The first business model that comes to mind today for Linux and open source software is to provide paid commercial support. But that was not the case before. In the early days of Linux, Caldera andRed HatSUSAThese companies thought they could make a profit by bringing Linux to the general public.

Realizing their mistake, Red Hat ended development of “Red Hat Linux” in 2003 and released commercial RHEL instead. But even before that, in 1998, Linuxcare had already emerged as the first company to offer Linux support. Unfortunately, due to business issues and the bursting of the dotcom bubble, Linuxcare lost the competition.Early movers lose, latecomers winwas development.

But that was a long time ago. On August 31, 2022, it was announced that Linuxcare founders Art Tyde and David LaDuke would become CIQ’s Vice President of Business Development and Vice President of Marketing, respectively. Others include CIQ co-founder Robert Adolph as chief product officer (CPO), Rob Dufalo as senior vice president of engineering, John Frey as chief technology officer (CTO) and Stephen Moody as support and technology. , including Senior Vice President, Marlin Prager as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Brock Taylor as Vice President, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Strategic Partners, CIQ joined the leadership team.

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Gregory M. Kurtzer, Founder of CIQ and Rocky Linux
Provided by: Rocky Linux

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CIQ andRocky Enterprise Software FoundationA free Linux CentOS clone of “Rocky Linux‘ had a lot of success. Monthly downloads of this Linux distro image reached up to 750,000.

This article is from Red Ventures Overseasarticlewas published by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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