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Yuki Ishikawa (July 2010)

Yuki Ishikawa (July 2010)

◇ 5th (Early Morning 6th Japan Time) ◇ Final Tournament 1st Round ◇ Ljubljana, Slovenia

Japan (ranked 7th in the world) and France (ranked 2nd in the world) finished 2-3 (17-25, 25-21, 24-26, 25-22, 16-18) after a full set. lost.

Although he lost the first set (S), Yuji Nishida (22) and the others fought well. When they regained the 2nd S, they brought it into equal development to compete for a point.

At the start of the 4th S, Masahiro Sekita (28), ace Yuki Ishikawa (26) and Nishida made three service aces.

Stay focused in the final set. Although they gave France match point first, Ishikawa’s score and other points made it 15-14 for Japan to reach match point.

As they chased France to ringside, they were eventually forcibly pushed away.

A crushing defeat after a fierce battle. Advancement to the top 8 was just around the corner. However, Japan was also proud of the content.

France is a power that won the Tokyo Olympics last summer and the Nations League this summer. After the game, players from both teams hugged and congratulated each other for their good fight.

Japan coach Philippe Brun (62) said: “It’s really sad. That’s all I can say. We almost won the match against France by going a full set and a tie-break. At this stage, we couldn’t qualify for the top 8. This is the current situation in Japan. In the future, we would like to advance to the best 8 and win.”

Ai Takahashi (21) said, “There was a scene where we were leading in the final 5th set, so there’s no doubt we played a good fight. The difference is 1 point. I once again felt it should not be missed,” he said in frustration.

[Liste de départ japonaise]

8 Masahiro Sekida (28)

1 Yuki Nishida (22)

〈 Outside hitter 〉

12 Takahashi Blue (21)

14 Yuki Ishikawa (26)

2 Futoshi Onodera (26)

6 Akira Yamauchi (28)

20 Tomohiro Yamamoto (27)

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