🍭 AKB48 Hitomi Honda, “Please mind me with black hair for the first time in about 3 years (laughs)” Live Drama “Noroku Kojirase Diary” with Decision-Pop’n’Roll

It has been decided that AKB48’s Hitomi Honda will star in the live-action drama “Noroku Kojirase Nikki” which will begin airing on October 4 (midnight every Tuesday from 12:30 a.m. on TV Tokyo).

The original comic essay “Noroku Kojirase Diary” (published February 2022) began with his feelings for Santa Claus when he was young. A story illustrating the process of moving to Japan. Hitomi Honda (AKB48), who will be the first lead role in a drama series, will play the lead role, and the film will be made as a new lifestyle drama that fully incorporates the charm of living abroad.

Upon its release, it was selected as No. 1 in the Major Bookstore Weekly Sales Ranking, and No. 1 in the Book Ranking for “King’s Brunch” (released February 26, 2022). The sequel “Horoku Kojirase Nikki Immigration Decision Edition”, which was released on August 25, ranked 3rd in the “King’s Brunch” book ranking (released on September 3, 2022), and a reprint will be decided within 3 days of the exit. followed by a great response.

“Nordic Complicated Diary”, sequel to “Complicated Diary Migration Decision Edition”


“Nordic Complicated Diary”, sequel to “Complicated Diary Migration Decision Edition”


Role of Otori Shimako, Honda Hitomi (AKB 48):
I’m very sorry to hear about the role of the “main character” in my second appearance in the drama. After reading the draft, I received dreams and hopes from Chika, who opened up a new career with her simple sentiments of “I like it” and the bold action of “I’ll try anyway” even though I do not do it. I don’t know right or left. Also, there were a lot of things I could relate to, as I had learned a lot from trying various things in my life abroad. I am very honored to be able to play the warm, wonderful, strong-minded chika. It’s my first leading role, so I’m nervous and anxious, but I’m looking forward to gaining new experiences, and I hope I can act in my own way. It’s a difficult time to go abroad, but I hope people watching this drama will feel closer to Scandinavia and feel warm. And it’s work I’d love to see not just for those who love Scandinavia, but also for anyone chasing their dreams. Please mind me with black hair for the first time in about 3 years (laughs).

Original Draft “Nordic Complicated Diary” Author, Weekend Northern European Department chika:
When I started writing this book, I was still working as an office worker in Tokyo. This year, when my dream came true and I became a sushi chef in Finland, it was just the start of a “new chapter in my life.” At the same time, I am filled with a reliable and happy feeling that the book has started a new chapter called “dramatization”. Also, I thought it was a dream the moment I heard Mr. Honda was the star. In fact, a few years ago I saw Mr. Honda, who started his career in a foreign country, and was very encouraged by his determination. I can’t wait to see the main character played by Mr. Honda. I would be happy if you could enjoy the new adventure of “Nordic Kojirase Diary” with everyone.

Producer Tomoko Tanaka (TV Tokyo):
This drama is a must-watch for those who want to change their current lifestyle but are unable to take the first step. Chika, the author of “Noroku Kojirase Nikki”, the author of the original draft, is a passionate and serious love of Finland, ideas for enjoying northern life while staying in Japan, and above all, the extraordinary ability to make the dream of immigration come true. So I asked you to make it a drama this time. Chika’s way of life gave me courage and power. Dreams can come true if you really want them. I really wanted to make a drama out of it and share it with everyone. AKB48’s Hitomi Honda will play main character Shimako. The image of Mr. Honda, who is transparent and cute and has a strong core to pursue his favorite worldview, is exactly Shimako! This time, he changed his trademark hair color and challenged himself to create a role. Please look forward to the kind of “complicated girl” she will play. You can also refer to information that can be enjoyed even in Japan, such as Finland’s beautiful landscapes, accessories that enrich your life, saunas, relaxing coffee time, and late-night cuisine where you can enjoy the flavors of Northern Europe! I would be happy if you could think of your favorite foreign countries while watching this drama. Please wait for it!

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