“a-ha THE MOVIE” Released on Blu-ray and DVD (Billboard JAPAN) – Yahoo!

Other photosThe director was the production work “I am the worst. was nominated for the 94th Academy Awards, filmmaker Thomas Lobsarm and leading Norwegian documentary filmmaker Aslag Holm. For four years, the three members and those involved in the music will be interviewed, and with a number of famous songs that symbolize the era, we will tell the true story of a-ha, which is linked by musical ties.◎ Information about the work Film “a-ha THE FILM” Cast : Morton Harket, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy, Magne Furuholmen Director: Thomas Lobsarm, Aslag Holm Producer: Ingvi Setel, Thomas Lobsarm Screenplay: Thomas Lobsarm Shooting: Aslag Holm Editing: Hilde Björnstadt ◎ Release Info Film “a-ha THE MOVIE” 2022 /12/2 EXIT 5,280 yen (plus tax) 4,290 yen (plus tax) *First Time Limited Bonus: Postcard Set Publisher: Klockworx Co., Ltd. Distributor: Happinet Media Marketing (C) MOTLYS, FENRIS FILM, KINESCOPE FILM, NEUE IMPULS FILM 2021

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