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Manager Harasaki = Yuasta, who will lead the match against Mito on 3.

Mr. Akira Ito

J2 Sendai announced on the 6th that they had fired manager Masato Harasaki (48). Akira Ito (49), who served as manager at J1 Iwata until August, will be named to succeed him. The team is currently in 4th place with 4 consecutive losses, and the top 2 of J1 automatic promotion is hopeless, and this has been in the J1 entrance playoff battle.

Harasaki was promoted to head coach (HC) in November last year and took charge on a temporary basis, and was named manager from this season. The team finished second in the first half of the season, but lost momentum in the second half. Through the club, he said: “I am sorry that the results of these few games were disappointing and that it was difficult for me to return to J1 in an advantageous state.”

Tomohiro Sasaki, President of Vegalta Sendai (Sendai City), which manages J2 Sendai, commented, “We chose to change commanders in order to get out of the stagnant situation and face up again.

Mr. Ito was named Iwata’s manager this season and retired in August due to poor results. He commented, “I will do my best to share the joy with everyone.”

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