[Centur S]That honest sunrise Yokoyama Nori called straight to “Please ride me next time” Kawachi’s rival trainer in the era of jockeys also “Let me do it” -East Sports Horse Racing

  1. [Centur S]That Sunrise Honest, where Nori Yokoyama made a direct appeal to him, “Let me ride next time, please,” Kawachi, his rival when he was a jockey, also said, “Let me do the rest .”Eastern Sport Horse Racing
  2. [Centur S]Songline I Can’t Lose! It’s a call for ambition to conquer BCnetkeiba.com
  3. [Centur Stakes Prediction Battle]Meikeyer who found the “correct answer” Who will be the judge for the first sprint entry song?Eastern Sport Horse Racing
  4. [Sankei Sho Centuru Stakes]Kitakyushu Kinen V Bon Voyage Do not be underestimated even if the weight increases by 3 kgsanspo
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