China accuses US officials of hacking Northwestern Institute of Technology

Chinese officials have accused US intelligence agencies of hacking into the Northwest Institute of Technology in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, which runs an aerospace research program.

from the National Center for Computer Disease ControlstatementAccording to the US National Security Agency (NSA)hacking department“Tailored Access Operations (TAO)” carried out a cyberattack against the Northwest Institute of Technology. In June, an attack from abroad was reported and a team formed with 360 Corporation reportedly analyzed the university’s information system.

The center says the NSA has launched more than 10,000 “malicious” cyberattacks against Chinese targets in recent years and collected more than 140 gigabytes (GB) of “very valuable” data. The NSA and the US State Department declined to comment on China’s explanation.

The exchange of accusations between the US and China over cyberattacks has intensified and China has stepped up its stance of criticizing US government agencies by name. On the other hand, the United States argues that its own operations for national security purposes are different from China’s industrial espionage activities, which the United States claims target American companies.

Original title:China says US hacked aeronautics and space research university (3)(extract)

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