“COUGAR Terminator” Gaming Chair Released! Supporting the Spine with an Exoskeleton-Like Design (Impress Watch) – Yahoo! News

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]“COUGAR Terminator” is a gaming chair with a distinctive exoskeleton-like design and highly functional materials. This is a high-end gaming chair that can be adjusted in various ways with a distinctive design different from the type of bucket seat. ■ Product Introduction “COUGAR Terminator” “Terminator” is a gaming chair that combines a sci-fi movie-like design with high functionality. In addition to various adjustable functions, the COUGAR gaming chair has been strongly inherited so far, such as high durability. □ Innovative design that supports the spine The design of the backrest and the ergonomic backrest adapt perfectly to the natural curve of the spine. It supports your entire back, reduces pain and fatigue during long gaming sessions, and helps you maintain a stress-free seated posture. High-performance materials The industrial-grade fiber-reinforced plastic (PAFRP) back and high-density foam design are not only strong and durable, but also promote flexibility and comfort of movement. The breathable back design also allows body heat to dissipate through the back, keeping you cool and dry during long gaming sessions. It also features new premium Hyper-Dura leatherette that is 12 times more durable than regular leather. The durability is also significantly improved compared to conventional gaming chairs. □ Customizable and adjustable design This gaming chair can be fine-tuned for gamers with a customizable design. Easily adjustable headrest, backrest tilt and height. The 4D metal armrests are height, width, depth and swing adjustable, making it easy to find the most comfortable posture.[Caractéristiques du produit “COUGAR Terminator”]・Characteristic design reminiscent of the spine ・High durability with a load capacity of 135 kg ・4D metal armrest ・Premium gaming chair with various adjustments ・Use of Hyper-Dura leatherette ・Use of mesh parts Highly breathable * The Product specifications and information are subject to change without notice. *The brands and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. © 2002-2022 Milestone International Japan Co., Ltd.

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