Fire extinguishing at Posco Steel Works in Korea, operation suspended until the typhoon passes | Reuters

A fire broke out at Posco’s steelworks in Pohang, southeastern South Korea, on Monday, affecting two factories there, a spokesman said. The photo shows black smoke rising from a POSCO factory. Taken in Pohang on September 6, 2022. (2022 Reuters/in this screenshot obtained from social media video. Twitter/@Blackedhyeok/via REUTERS)

[ソウル 6日 ロイター] – A fire broke out at Posco’s steelworks in southeastern South Korea on Monday, affecting two of its factories, a spokesman said. The fire was extinguished and no casualties were reported.

We are currently investigating the damage.

A typhoon approaching the southeastern part of South Korea caused a power outage, and gaseous byproducts were released at the plant in the morning.

Authorities raised the alert level to the highest level on the 5th as the large and strong Typhoon No.

POSCO said it would suspend operations at its production facilities, including blast furnaces, until the typhoon passed.

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